Amanda Fischer.

I think deeply and laugh hard.

I believe great questions are crucial to growth.

Nineteen-year-old lover of laughter, breathtaking nature, photos that capture pieces of time and place, gripping stories, beautiful and encouraging music, pens and paper, words of many kinds, foreign languages, and sunsets.

I’m convinced that life is an adventure, and I want to live it as such.

I would go barefoot all day if I could.

I’ve been a Florida girl since age eleven, and North Carolina is my home country.

Oldest of seven amazing, crazy, wonderful children.

Self-taught violinist and reluctant soprano.

Voracious reader as long as I can remember.

An ever-curious and eager learner.

Fascinated with history, languages and science.

Homeschooled all the way through, and loved every minute of it. (Okay, except maybe math. Not always math.)

Began my college journey through Lumerit Unbound. Currently studying Applied Linguistics at the University of South Florida.

Former cashier and shift leader of Chick-fil-A. Current online teacher of English as a foreign language. Hopefully someday Bible translator or missionary overseas.

Missionary intern to the Netherlands and Argentina.

Lastly, and most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m not perfect–in fact, I mess up every day. But His grace is sufficient for me and His power is made perfect in my weakness.

This blog is home to excerpts of my life story (the story He is writing)–things I’ve been thinking about, and things I’ve been learning. May these words create a place of truth, light, hope, and love. I offer them always, ever for my King.


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