Connecting international women with community
Amanda Fischer

Learn English with me

Let’s connect you with community.

You’re a mom.

You’re a student.

You’re a businesswoman.

You’re an international woman. You’re looking for more.

You have dreams for the future, and you work hard to reach them.

Most of all, you want to connect with others. There’s a whole world out there just waiting to meet you! You know English is the key to open doors of opportunity for you, but you don’t feel confident when you try to speak. You panic when you need to make a phone call, join a meeting with an international client, or say hello to your neighbor.

You know community is important, but you don’t feel like you belong.

I have good news for you: you do belong. You’re invited!

Let’s get there together.


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Connect with Your Community Program



My 4-week signature program focused on manageable action steps provided weekly, along with individual coaching and community with others.

Unique program designed specifically for women like you

Start whenever you are ready!

A variety of activities to speed up your learning process

3 coaching sessions strategically timed during the program


Access to the private community for other program members

Conversation clubs two times a month

Private Video Call English Lessons



Customized one-hour lessons with me to maximize your speaking time.

*Based on recommended 2 lessons per week

One-on-one lessons with me

You choose how many lessons to take and when

Maximize your speaking time during lessons

Customized lesson topics and interesting materials

Evaluation of your level´╗┐

Great for ´╗┐long-term study

Best for reviewing grammar in an easy-to-understand and fun way

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